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Hello Team 18-

I'm looking forward to our hike this Saturday on Hamilton Mountain.  Current weather forecasts are promising for a great day!<br> As the website is still new, here is an additional link to our prospectus

Also, I've attached a map and a GPX file (that can be used to upload our route into a GPS device).  Please look over the prospectus to review what type of gear and clothing to bring.  Also please respond to this email to let me know you received the attachments.<br> As Lynne and Karen have mentioned, these hikes are good opportunities to test your gear while building up your fitness.  There will be snow on this hike.

We will also practice "climb etiquette" on these hikes.  Some key points towards that goal are:

The group will stick together, adjusting pace to a level that is comfortable for everyone<br> Be observant of conditions (weather, terrain, etc.) and speak up if you notice changes that haven't been addressed<br> Be mindful of your personal health and safety (including  - and maybe ESPECIALLY watching for blisters!)<br> Be aware of your teammates safety and health<br> Hydrate!  Especially when it's cooler and you may not feel thirsty.<br> Team Gear:  Karen will provide 3 or 4 ropes to take turns carrying throughout the day.  We'll switch ropes at each break.<br> Ropes skills: we may practice rappelling and fixed line travel, so please bring your harness/climb gear<br> Snow!  While optional, gaiters, trekking poles are recommended.  Micro-spikes are good too (if you have them).

The plan will be to take a 10-minute break approximately every hour.  The goal is to use these breaks efficiently.  Try to take care of all of your needs (layers, bio break, snack, gear adjustment, etc.) as quickly as possible and be ready to start up again when the leaders start gearing up. 

We will also take a short 5-minute break after 10-15 minutes to adjust/remove layers once everyone has warmed up.

As mentioned above, please speak up if you are aware of hot spots or blisters forming.  It will be much better for everyone to take an unplanned break to address that early than have someone hobbled.  I realize no one wants to seem like they are holding the group back but speaking up to address your feet is VERY respected in the Mazamas!

Please let me know if you have any questions and see you early Saturday morning!  

Thank you

Dirk Lakeman 


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