Activity Notes

During the weekend of our snow session, we will get to stay at the famous Mazama Lodge, located in Government Camp at the foot of Mt. Hood.

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Tips for staying at the Lodge:

See Mazamas web site for info on the Mazama Lodge.  Enter through the basement and leave your boots down there.  There is a room with fans to dry wet clothing in the basement. The main floor is where you get dinner or sit by the fire. The top floor is a food and drink free area.  We will discuss which dorm we will plan to sleep in. You will have to plan your time to get up, eat, drag all your gear down to the cars and drive up the hill in time to gear up for our start on Sunday morning.

If you decide to drive down the road to the lodge to drop off gear(on Sat. afternoon), you want the first road to the left after you turn on Timberline when coming up from Hwy 26(or on the right before you get to 26 when coming from Timberline.)  This road is one way only and unless you can pull into the small lodge parking area you have to stay with your car to avoid blocking/backing up the road. I recommend a spare car key for one of your riders to be safe.

Sno-park passes for Timberline and the sno-park on 26 are required.  Get one for both days(I think they sell 3 day passes) Get them at REI. 

The lodge parking is in the sno-park on the right side as you come up hill just before you  turn left onto Timberline Road. Put your wipers up and don’t leave any valuables in the cars. You must cross 26 to get to the lodge from your car. BE CAREFUL! I take a trekking pole to help with footing.  The road to the lodge is across the street from the parking area.

Remember to have proper snow gear like a scraper and chains if the weather and wind goes sideways.

Cell phones-reception variable at lodge and up at Timberline and above.  Consider a charger to recharge as phones run down fast when they are at the extreme range of reception.  Find an outlet early at the Lodge!

Dinner is served at 6 PM usually.

Lodge equipment/supplies:

  • Towel for shower(in evening only before 10 PM not in early morning), toiletries
  • Sleeping bag/pillow, etc.
  • Ear plugs
  • Slippers/indoor shoes for around lodge
  • Headlight
  • Alarm of some kind that won’t wake everyone.
  • Dry clothing

When you go to bed and get up you will need a light to see.  The dorms are at a fairly cool temperatures. I recommend grabbing your gear and going to the hallway or bathrooms to rummage around rather than disturbing people still in bed.

Remember that you will need something for lunch on Sunday. You can purchase the sack lunch from the lodge when you complete the Lodge order form.


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