All Mazama Running Camps are on hold. Please check back in early 2024 for upcoming camp dates. 

Our running camps are designed for beginner, intermediate, and advanced trail runners of all ages and paces.

Mazamas Mountain Running Camp: Intro

This camp is geared towards road and trail runners interested in taking their running to the mountain environment as well as honing their mountain running skills. During this camp, students will spend 2 1/2-days and 2-nights at Mazama Lodge, and participate in group runs, a bootcamp, a hill running clinic, a mountain safety clinic, discussions of training plans and philosophies, gear demos, and provided by top level runners. There is a maximum of 10 participants. Link


Mazamas Mountain Running Camp: Intermediate

This camp is geared towards intermediate level trail runners who are looking for an experiential running camp. Over the course of three days you will circumnavigate Mt. Hood in sections, while utilizing Mazama Lodge as your base camp. The camp will include tips and instruction from your instructors, as well as a mountain safety clinic. There is a maximum of 9 participants. Link


Mazamas Mountain Running Camp: Ultra

This camp is geared towards ultra runners. The Mazama Ultra Running Camp is the adult version of summer camp that you have been dreaming about! You'll leave the worries of the real world behind, as you get to focus solely on exploring trails, learning from master ultrarunners, and meeting new running buddies. There is a maximum of 8 participants. Link