Election Overview

In the Mazama election cycle, members vote on three new Executive Council (Board of Directors) members and three new Nominating Committee members. Current Mazama members are eligible to vote in the election. Your membership must be current as of September 1 of the voting year in order to be eligible to vote.

Executive Council (Board of Directors)

The Mazamas Executive Council (Board of Directors) is comprised of 9 members, each serving 3 year terms. Each year members vote for 3 new members, and 3 members finish their terms. This is the current membership for the Executive Council (Executive Board), with their current positions, and term expiration dates.

Voting Procedure

E–Voting: All Mazama members  who have an email address on file with the Mazamas AND who do not Opt-Out of E-voting for the Mazama Annual Election, will receive an email to vote in the election on September 2 (appx). This email will include a link that is specific to you (if you share an email address with another member, you will receive two emails to that shared address, each with a unique link). You will click on this link to make your election choices. Once you have confirmed your selections you cannot change your vote. You must utilize this voting link by Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. No votes can be accepted after that time.

Vote by Mail: All Mazama members who Opt-Out of E-voting, or who do not have an email address on file with the Mazamas  will receive a paper ballot by standard USPS mail. This ballot will arrive around September 3, and will include a voter pamphlet, ballot, and return envelope. Make your election choices, put your ballot in the return envelope, place a stamp on the envelope, and drop it in the mail. Paper ballots must be received by Oct. 1 at 1:30 p.m. to be counted. Ballots received after that time cannot be accepted.

Opt-Out of E-Voting