2021 Annual Meeting

The 2021 Election has concluded. The information here is provided for historical context and will be updated on July 16, 2022 with 2022 Election information.

Executive Council (Board of Directors)

Voter Guide 2021PDF Document | 312.3 KB

The Mazamas Executive Council (Board of Directors) is comprised of 9 members, each serving 3 year terms. Each year members vote for 3 new members, and 3 members finish their terms. 

2021 Election Dates:

  • Opens: September 7, 2021 at 9 a.m.
  • Ends: October 4, 2021 at 5 p.m.

In the Mazama election cycle, members vote on three new Executive Council (Board of Directors) members and three new Nominating Committee members. In 2021, the membership will also be voting on a Bylaws Amendment. Current Mazama members are eligible to vote in the election. Your membership must be current as of September 1 of the voting year in order to be eligible to vote.

Bylaws Amendment Details

Nominating Committee

The role of the Nominating Committee is to seek out and vet candidates for the Executive Council. The Committee is comprised of 9 members who serve 3 year terms.

Scroll to the bottom of this page to meet the 2021 Nominating Committee Candidates.

Voting Procedures

  • E–Voting: All Mazama members  who have an email address on file with the Mazamas AND who did not Opt-Out of E-voting for the Mazama Annual Election, will receive an email to vote in the election on September 7. This email will include directions on how to vote, including a username and password. You will click on this link to make your election choices. Once you have confirmed your selections you cannot change your vote. You must utilize this voting link by Oct. 4 at 5 p.m. No votes can be accepted after that time in our online system.
  • Vote by Mail: All Mazama members who Opt-Out of E-voting or who do not have an email address on file with the Mazamas will receive a paper ballot by standard USPS mail. This ballot will arrive around September 7, and will include a voter pamphlet, ballot, and return envelope. Make your election choices, put your ballot in the return envelope, place a stamp on the envelope, and drop it in the mail. Paper ballots must be received by Oct. 4 at 5 p.m. to be counted.  We recommend mailing your ballot by September 26, 2021 to ensure on time delivery. You may also drop your ballot through the mail slot at the MMC. Ballots received after that time cannot be accepted.

2021 Executive Council Candidates

  • Charles Barker
  • Greg Scott
  • David Urbaniak
​The following candidates are listed in alphabetical order by surname.

Review all candidate information below. Information is published exactly as submitted, except for some formatting changes. No text is changed. 

Charles Barker

Mazama Since (Join Year): 1980

Mazama Volunteer, Committee, or Related Activities

  • Mazama Explorer Post 1980–1986
  • Lodge Volunteer 1986–2009
  • Centennial Committee 1994
  • Lodge Committee 1996–1999
  • Hike Leader 2002
  • Participated in many climbs and hikes over the past 40 years with the Mazamas

Board and/or Committee Experience with other Organizations

  • Travel Oregon, board member, 1992– 2000
  • Big Brothers Big Sisters Columbia Northwest, volunteer, 1992–1995
  • Oregon Food Bank, volunteer, 2001– 2004
  • Irvington School Family Gym Night, volunteer, 2006–2016
  • Portland Youth Soccer Association, Portland FC, and other youth soccer teams and leagues, volunteer, 2008– 2017

Work/Professional Experience

  • 1990–1991 Restaurant Manager, Hilton Hotel, Portland OR
  • 1992–2002 Owner of London Catering, a food management company, and, a restaurant, Portland, OR (sold to Compass Group, 2001, and stayed on one year as General Manager)
  • 2003–2005, Concessionaire Lewis and Clark Express (Amtrak train from Portland to Astoria  2004–2009 Sales Associate, Bluestone and Hockley Real Estate, Portland, OR
  • 2003–2010 Adjunct Instructor, Commercial Foods, Mt. Hood Community College
  • 2009–present Manager, Mazama Lodge
  • 2014–present Managing Partner, Barker–London Properties, second–generation real estate company that provides affordable and market–rate housing and commercial leasing in Portland, Ore.

Relevant Life & Leadership Experience

For the past 30 years, I have worked in managerial positions in the food industry, which requires creativity, stamina, patience, calm thinking and leadership under pressure. I have also been a board member and am now managing partner for a family owned real-estate investment company that was started in the early 1990s and continues to operate in the black during these challenging times.

personal statement

I climbed Mount Hood when I was in middle school and couldn’t wait to join the Mazamas. From the time I first arrived at Mazama Lodge in the late 1970s, I felt I had found my second home. Before the lodge had a dishwasher, I volunteered many hours cleaning pots and plates, but always found time to strap on my skis and head up Mazama Hill using the old rope tow. My family spent every New Year’s Eve at the lodge, where I cooked celebratory pizzas. My love for the lodge led me first to serve on the Lodge Committee, and ultimately the Mazamas asked me to run the lodge in 2009. Although I initially envisioned my work as lodge manager as a short-term commitment, my love of the lodge and the Mazamas led me to stay for more than10 years. I look forward to returning to a volunteer position, in which I can continue to serve the Mazama community during these difficult financial times and help the Mazamas thrive for future generations.

Greg scott

Mazama Since (Join Year): 2002

Mazama Volunteer, Committee, or Related Activities

  • 2007-2012 BCEP Committee member (2010-2011 Committee Chair)
  • 2008-present led several BCEP groups.
  • 2008-2010 Climbing Committee (2010 Committee Co-Chair)
  • 2003-2008 Climbing Committee Secretary
  • 2012-present Critical Incident Stress Management Team (Current Chair)
  • 2021 Confidential Records Policy Task Force
  • 2021 Risk Management Committee

Board and/or Committee Experience with other Organizations

  • 2010-present Markowitz Herbold PC, “Saving the Green” Conservation Committee
  • 2020-2021 North Tabor Neighborhood Association Board Co-Chair
  • 2021 Markowitz Herbold PC, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Committee
  • Work/Professional Experience
  • 1997-2008 Brayton Purcell, Litigation Paralegal
  • 2008-2009 Technology Associates, Real Estate Specialist
  • 2009-present Markowitz Herbold, PC, Litigation Paralegal

Relevant Life & Leadership Experience

Throughout my career as a paralegal I took on leadership roles, whether it was managing large groups of attorneys and paralegals in a high-stakes commercial litigation case, or mentoring younger professionals.  I led several fundraising efforts within my sphere of influence for non-profits, including Growing Gardens, Campaign for Equal Justice, and the American Diabetes Association.   I coached youth basketball and was the captain of several Hood to Coast teams.

personal statement

I took BCEP in 2002, and became a Mazama member shortly thereafter.  I remember the sense of accomplishment as I built my climbing resume that first summer after BCEP. I continued nurturing my climbing career enrolling for every class the Mazamas had to offer, while exploring my newfound community.  I obtained my Mazamas PhD (ICS, AR, ASI) and became a climb leader in 2008.  It wasn’t just the climbing that kept me engaged, but the people I met.  I want to be a part of taking the Mazamas into the future while preserving its rich history.  To me this means building an inclusive organization, adapting our education programs to current best practices, continuing our advocacy for the environment, building a non-judgmental risk management culture, and inspiring new members young and old to preserve and love the mountains.  Since my daughter was born in 2012, I’ve reflected on where I want to put my volunteer energy.  The Mazamas are at the top of my list.  It is with humility and gratitude that I submit my candidacy.

david urbaniak (he/him)

Mazama Since (Join Year): 2014

Mazama Volunteer, Committee, or Related Activities

Mazama Education
  • Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP) – 2016
  • Canyoneering Skill-builder – 2016 and 2019
  • ICS – 2017-18
  • Mountaineering First Aid – 2017
  • Crevasse Rescue Skill-builder – 2017
  • Nordic Backcountry XC-Ski - 2020 Mazamas Volunteering
  • BCEP - 2017-2019
  • ICS - 2018-2019
  • Portland Alpine Fest - 2018
  • Assistant Climb Leader - Mt Jefferson, and Middle Sister - 2018
  • COVID Safety Captain - 2021
Other relevant outdoor education
  • Sport Climb Lead Class - Planet Granite 2017
  • Trad Climb Lead Class - Portland Rock Gym 2017
  • AIARE Avalanche I - 2019
  • Alpinism II - American Alpine Institute - 2020
  • AIARE Refresher, and Avalanche II - 2021

Board and/or Committee Experience with other Organizations

None listed.

Work/Professional Experience

  • Career focus on building digital tools to aid individuals in navigating the complex U.S. healthcare system, primarily through leading software product delivery teams at the intersection of healthcare, and financial services.
  • Current role: Director at Cambia Health, leading digital product management, product operations, and outreach teams
  • Angel investor with focus on investing in digital health, and software as a service oriented companies
  • Former Vice President at Fortune 50 global financial services company, responsible for product planning, strategy and roadmap of health benefit services business
  • Former co-founder of cycling apparel company with mission oriented around creating community and making cycling accessible to a more diverse audience Board and/or Committee Experience with Other Organizations (Please include role and year)
  • Executive board member and board recruitment committee chair at Green Institute, Inc. in Minneapolis, MN from 2008-2011

Relevant Life & Leadership Experience

I’ve had a love for the outdoors since an early age. My experience with the Mazamas has enabled more than I ever thought possible. I’d like to pay my experience forward, and support others who may have similar dreams, and have yet to actualize them. I offer the Mazamas executive committee leadership experience with a bias towards action. Leadership values important to me include: collaboration, accountability, resiliency, curiosity, hope, and a drive towards continuous improvement. I have the proven ability to lead organizations through periods of rapid growth and change. In my current professional role, I lead digital product management, product operations, outreach, and engagement for Cambia Health where we are in the midst of a strategic transformation; my responsibilities include leading a staff of 30+, and an annual budget of eight figures. My educational background includes an M.B.A in consultative practice, and a certificate in nonprofit board management.

personal statement

The Mazamas are at a crossroads requiring dialogue and decisions be made on a range of topics, including: How do we create a sustainable, financially viable economic model? How do we move forward with lessons learned from COVID-19 with more accessible educational content, and the foresight & model to mitigate future risks? How do we stay true to the original charter of ‘the exploration of snow capped peaks...’, and should we? How do we inclusively serve the unique constituencies of our membership which now span at least four generations? How do we continue to develop, and cultivate an environment that is not only welcoming but engages the diverse community that we reside, supporting underrepresented groups. I feel strongly that I am uniquely qualified to support the organization at this moment. A significant part of my professional work is to listen, to understand, and to be curious about the problems of my constituencies. I would bring this approach to the Mazamas executive committee and then translate those findings into actionable recommendations in support of our mission to serve the needs of our community, and attract prospective members. Like many, I came across the Mazamas seeking outdoor educational opportunities and to find friends to explore the outdoors. I found not only an education, but adventures I only previously dreamed of, and a community of wonderful people. I am passionate about the work of this organization and it would be an honor to serve Mazamas as an Executive Committee Member. Thank you for your consideration.

2021 Nominating Committee Candidates

Sue Dimin