Summer 2021 Mazama Wild Day Camp

Due to COVID-19 there are some changes to our camps for 2021. All camps will be based out of the Mazama Mountaineering Center at 527 SE 43rd Avenue in Portland, Ore. Each week session will include one or two session of indoor rock climbing on our rock wall. At this time, there will be no field trips due to constraints on transportation due to COVID-19. We hope to be able to offer field trips again in 2022.

Please note that Mazamas reserves the right to alter programming and activities at any time. 

Registration now open!

Wild Artists & Dreamers

Dates: June 14–18, 2021
Tuition: $375

Do you dream of jumping through clouds? Or painting the sky? Come to Wild Artists & Dreamers week to explore your inner artist. We’ll daydream, imagine, and create our most wild ideas using nature as our inspiration and our medium. We’ll end the week by making our own dyes and making mementos to take home with us.

Wild Plants & Pollinators

Dates: June 21–25, 2021
Tuition: $375

Do you know which plants and animals in Oregon are native, and which are newcomers? Did you know that birds are pollinators? We’ll explore the world of native species and how they’re pollinated during Wild Plants and Pollinators Week. We’ll get our hands dirty as we scavenger hunt for natives at Laurelhurst Park.


Dates: June 28–July 2, 2021
Tuition: $375

Have you ever wondered why a Portland winter is so rainy but a summer is so dry? Why the Columbia River flows west, but the wind travels east? Join us for Wild Winds & Waters Week to dive into Pacific Northwest weather and water patterns. We’ll build boats to set a sail in Laurelhurst park, experiment with atmospheric pressure, and explore weather and climate in our local area.

Wild Hunters & Gatherers

Dates: July 12–16
Tuition: $375

We may be in the land of agricultural bounty, but can you imagine if we had to forage for ourselves? Put your skills to the test as we navigate through our surroundings and explore the plants and animals that support our lives here in the Northwest. We’ll investigate first foods and learn what it’s like to live off the land.

Wild Creatures & Conservation

Dates: July 19–23, 2020
Tuition: $375

Do you love intriguing insects? Slimy slugs? Beautiful birds? If so, come to Wild Creatures & Conservation Week to explore the abundance of creatures and their habitats in local green spaces! We’ll try our hands at critter catching, create creature habitats, and go bird watching in Laurelhurst Park.

Wild Science & Discovery

Dates: July 26–30, 2021
Tuition: $375

Did you know that the course of rivers change over time? Or that you can melt ice with salt? These and other wonders of the cosmos will unfurl during Wild Science and Discovery Week. We’ll explore our inner scientist, build erupting volcanoes, and delve into physics as we scale the rock climbing wall!

Wild Builders & Creators

Dates: August 2–6, 2021
Tuition: $375

Do you dream of building forts? Boats? Planes? We’ll put our creativity to the test as we engineer all sorts of contraptions throughout Wild Builders & Creators Week. We’ll build boats to set a sail, build and launch rockets, and learn how to build shelters to protect us from the elements.

Wild Mountains & Exploration

Dates: August 9–13, 2021
Tuition: $375

Have you ever wondered where Mt. Hood came from? How Mt. St. Helens lost its top? Come to Wild Mountains & Exploration Week to experience the mountains firsthand. We’ll learn about the many layers that make a mountain, how to navigate on and around them, and how humans interact with them.