School Year 2020 Sessions

Super Salmon Swimmers ($65)
Monday (PPS In-Service), January 27, 2020
Grades 1–3 

Ever wondered what it’s like to be a salmon swimming through the Columbia? Come explore the lifecycle of a salmon and other creatures in our urban ecosystem at Laurelhurst Park. We’ll practice climbing fish ladders, jumping over dams, and then try our skills at climbing the rock walls at the Mazama Mountaineering Center! Programming runs 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., with options to extend the camp day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for an additional charge. This Wild day is for campers in grades 1–3.

CANCELLED (COVID-19) - Spring Break Camp ($290)
March 23–27, 2020
Grades 1–3

Can’t get enough Mazama Wild Summer Camp? We’re springing into camp season early with Mazama Wild Spring Break Camp! Join us for a week of nature exploration, including four days of climbing at our Mazama Mountaineering Center and a full day field trip to the Mazama Lodge on Mount Hood! Monday–Thursday programming runs 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m. Friday programming runs 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. We will be offering before and after care daily for an additional charge, extending the camp day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. This camp week is for campers in grades 1–3.

CANCELLED (COVID-19) - Funky Flyers ($65)
Monday (PPS In-Service), April 6, 2020
Grades K–2

Do you dream of soaring like a bird? Come join us to explore all the funky flyers around us and the air and land habitats that they call home. We’ll build bird nests, bird feeders, and binoculars to observe our funky friends in the park. We’ll wrap up the day with rock climbing at the Mazama Mountaineering Center to view our feathered friends from new heights! Programming runs 9:00 a.m.–3:00 p.m., with options to extend the camp day from 7:30 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. for an additional charge. This Wild day is for campers in grades K–2.

Day Camp Summer 2020 Sessions
(Ages 4–10)

All prices are shown as (overnight excluded / overnight included). The optional overnight excursion is open to 8-10 year olds only.

Wild Builders & Creators ($350/$395)
June 15–19, 2020

Do you dream of building forts? Boats? Planes? We’ll put our creativity to the test as we engineer all sorts of contraptions throughout WILD Builders & Creators Week. We’ll build boats to set a sail, build and launch rockets, and learn how to build shelters to protect us from the elements while at Mt. Hood.

Wild Creatures & Conservation ($350/$395)
June 22–26, 2020

Do you love intriguing insects? Slimy slugs? Beautiful birds? If so, come to WILD Creatures & Conservation Week to explore the abundance of creatures and their habitats in local green spaces! We’ll try our hands at critter catching, create creature habitats, and go bird watching in Laurelhurst Park and at Mount Hood.

*FULL* Wild Science & Discovery ($350/$395)
July 6–10, 2020

Did you know that the course of rivers change over time? Or that you can melt ice with salt? These and other wonders of the cosmos will unfurl during WILD Science and Discovery Week. We’ll explore our inner scientist, build erupting volcanoes, and delve into physics as we scale the rock climbing wall!

*FULL* Wild Hunters & Gatherers ($365/$410)*
July 13–17, 2020

*This week includes an additional full-day field trip to Powell Butte Nature Park.

We may be in the land of agricultural bounty, but can you imagine if we had to forage for ourselves? Put your skills to the test as we navigate through our surroundings and explore the plants and animals that support our lives here in the Northwest. We’ll investigate first foods and learn what it’s like to live off of the land.

Wild Plants & Pollinators ($350/$395)
July 20–24, 2020

Do you know which plants and animals in Oregon are native, and which are newcomers? Did you know that birds are pollinators? We’ll explore the world of native species and how they’re pollinated during WILD Plants and Pollinators Week. We’ll get our hands dirty as we scavenger hunt for natives at Laurelhurst Park and at Mount Hood.

*FULL* Wild Winds & Waters  ($365/$410)*
July 27–31, 2020

*This week includes an additional full-day field trip to Kelley Point Park.

Have you ever wondered why a Portland winter is so rainy but a summer is so dry? Why the Columbia River flows west, but the wind travels east? Join us for WILD Winds & Waters Week to dive into Pacific Northwest weather and water patterns. We’ll build boats to set a sail at Kelley Point Park, experiment with atmospheric pressure, and explore weather and climate at Mount Hood.

Wild Artists & Dreamers ($350/$395)
August 3–7, 2020

Do you dream of jumping through clouds? Or painting the sky? Come to WILD Artists & Dreamers week to explore your inner artist. We’ll daydream, imagine, and create our most wild ideas using nature as our inspiration and our medium. We’ll end the week by making our own dyes and making mementos to take home with us.

*FULL* Wild Mountains & Exploration ($350/$395)
August 10–14, 2020

Have you ever wondered where Mt. Hood came from? How Mt. St. Helens lost its top? Come to WILD Mountains & Exploration Week to experience the mountains firsthand. We’ll learn about the many layers that make a mountain, how to navigate on and around them, and how humans interact with them through climbing and adventuring on Mt. Hood!

Base Camp 2020 Sessions
(Ages 11–14)

All Mazama Wild Base Camp sessions will begin at the Mazama Mountaineering Center (MMC), getting to know each other, reviewing gear for the week, and getting in some climbing! After our work at the MMC, we’ll load up and head to the mountain. We’ll take the afternoon to set up our basecamp, moving in to the historic Mazama Lodge, in Government Camp, OR. That night, we’ll review our next four days of fun! Our group will base from Mazama Lodge for the next three days, adventuring, hiking, and climbing at various trails and crags in Mt. Hood National Forest. On Thursday morning, we'll pack up and set out for our last night's adventure together! See individual camp session descriptions below for more details on camp programming and activities.

Wild Camp & Climb ($795)
July 27–31, 2020

During Wild Camp & Climb, we’ll spend time on Monday reviewing outdoor climbing gear, knots, safety checks, climbing commands, and learn how to belay. Don’t worry if you don’t have these skills mastered before camp, we’ll use this time and the rest of the week to hone our skills. For the next three days, we'll set out from the Mazama Lodge to climb at various crags in Mt. Hood National Forest. When not climbing, we’ll be sure to take advantage of the great Northwest forest trails, lakes, and views of Mt. Hood, Mt. Jefferson, and beyond. On Thursday morning, we’ll pack up and spend the night car camping under the stars for our final night together to celebrate our amazing week.

Wild Rock & Trails ($795)
August 3–7, 2020

During Wild Rock & Trails, we’ll spend time on Monday exploring basic outdoor skills and ethics, reviewing our gear for the week, mapping out our trails, and getting on the climbing walls! On Tuesday, we'll wake up for breakfast at the lodge, and then venture out for a day hike and to practice our navigation skills. Wednesday will bring us to the climbing crag, where we'll refine and practice our outdoor climbing skills. On Thursday morning, we’ll pack up our gear on our backs and head out on a new trail to find our campsite for our last night together. We'll spend our last night under the stars, celebrating a week of adventure and a night in the backcountry!