The Bylaws Amendment Timeline has been updated. (4/14/2021)

In late 2019 a conversation started at the Executive Council regarding the glaciated peak membership requirement. An issue was raised by a member who was concerned that with the ongoing erosion of our glaciers due to climate change, this requirement would need to be evaluated.

At that time, the Executive Council began the work of reviewing our full bylaws. In so doing, they spent a significant amount of time talking with all of our committees, reaching out to members, and getting perspectives from a variety of individuals.

There have been articles about the upcoming Bylaws Amendments for the last few months in the Bulletin, in our eNews, and on our blog. Over the next few months, you can expect to receive the Voter Guide in the May/June edition of the Bulletin.

The Voter Guide will have the full text of the proposed changes, along with statements regarding the proposed changes. The full Voter Guide, along with the full red-line version of the Bylaws will be available here on the website. There will be two town halls to discuss the proposed amendments that will be held on Zoom. If you have questions about the process, you can email


May 25 Informational Session Recap

The Information Session was held on May 25 with 45 people in attendance. The Bylaws Team shared the most up to date version of the proposed Bylaws Amendments. Three people had signed up in advance to speak, only two of whom attended. Attendees had the opportunity to ask questions via the chat feature. The meeting lasted approximately 90 minutes.

May 25 Info Session Recording (Vimeo Link)

Bylaws Info Session SlidesPDF Document | 1.4 MB



PDF Bylaws AmendmentsPDF Document | 255.8 KB



A full annotated copy of the Bylaws with the proposed changes is coming soon

May/June Bulletin Article & Timeline

May/June BulletinPDF Document | 1.6 MB

Review the timeline of the Bylaws Amendment proposals, learn more about the bylaws, and the townhall and voting process.


Voter Guide

The Voter Guide is your complete resource for all information needed for this special election. It will include all of the Bylaws Update Proposals, statements for and against each proposal, the current bylaws, the proposed bylaws, and a comparison of the two documents.

Look for the Voter Guide here on August 1, 2021.

Proposed Bylaws Amendments

Article by Mazama Vide President Aimee Filimoehala about the proposed bylaws amendments from the January/February 2021 Mazama Bulletin. [Note: The document has been removed because the proposed amendments have been changed. Please review the May 25 document.]


Online Voting

The Mazama Bylaws Amendment vote will be administered via an online voting system. If you would like to opt-out of online voting, please complete this form by August 15, 2021.