Activity Notes

Tamanos Mountain  (6790 ft)

Tamanos  is in Rainier national park near White river.  It is a rocky pyramid rising to the west above Owyhigh Lakes. It is a very popular scramble via its southeast ridge. This climb begins with a well worn hiking trail to a high saddle, then climbs through flowery subalpine meadows, and is punctuated with a short non technical rock scramble to the summit. It offers a fairly easy ascent with just a bit of rock scrambling, and wide views of the northeast corner of Mount Rainier National Park, including Emmons Glacier, Little Tahoma Peak, Cowlitz Chimneys, and Governor’s Ridge.

Suitable for BCEP Grads or equivalent.

You will need to be at Owyhigh Lake trailhead Saturday,  September 26 by 9AM.  You may want to camp Friday night or you can drive up early Saturday morning. For camping, Ohanapecosh Campground  is the nearest park campground and is on a first come basis this time of year.  There is also camping in the national forest  nearby. Saturday night  requires camping and you can again camp in Ohanapecosh .