The Little North Santiam River is a wonderland of ancient forest, deep green pools and lush moss. Start at the Little North Fork Trailhead and hike the trail up and over the bluffs above the river to trail's end at Shady Cove Campground. Then return on the same trail back to the trailhead. The Chemeketans, a Salem area hiking and climbing club, built this trail in the 1980s.

Activity Notes

Let's hike the Little North Santiam River Trail! 9 miles out and back with 1,800 gain the trail goes through luscious woods and follows portions of the North Santiam river. Given that the forecast calls for rain, bring your raincoat, food, water, and the 10 essentials please (no cotton per the usual guidelines :-)) 

<br> Note that this is an exploratory hike for me, as I have not hiked this before, but it should be relatively easy to find. 

Departure time: 8:30 AM. Meeting location: Clackamas Town Center Max stop, bottom level parking garage near the entrance. Bring a NW forest pass if you have it, and money for gas ($16 at 10 cents a mile).

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 160 miles
Driving Time from Portland 2 hours
Distance - Round Trip 9 miles
Expected Duration Car to car in one day
Interesting Features Creek(s), Old Growth Trees
Relevant Books 101 Hikes in the Majestic Mount Jefferson Region, PDX Hiking 365
Awards Qualified Waterfall Award