Mother Mountain is a series of peaks in Mt. Rainier National Park that stretches from Mowich Lake to the Carbon River.   Third Mother Mountain is the peak located at the far NE end of the ridge.    The climb is typically done via the abandoned Carbon River Road, although strong parties have done the peak from Mowich Lake via Second Mother Mountain. Much of the route is off trail requiring good route finding skills. The final rock section to the summit is considered a moderate scramble. 

Activity Notes

Third Mother Mountain is a challenging scrambling peak located near the Carbon River in the NW corner of Mt Rainier National Park.  The approach is on the old Carbon River Road and Wonderland Trail, but the actual climb is off trail requiring good navigation skills.  I have attempted this climb once, but the upper portion will be exploratory.  Expect some adventurous confusion.  Climbers should have scrambling / steep snow experience- NOT a good first climb for someone straight out of BCEP.


Fri May 17- meet at Carbon River trail head in early afternoon and hike 2-2.5 hrs. to Ipsut Creek Campground.

Sat May 18- Third Mother Mountain climb (If we get down early enough we can hike out, but I expect this will take most of the day).

Sun May 19- hike out and drive home.


Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 190 miles
Driving Time from Portland 4 hours
Relevant Books 100 Peaks at Mt. Rainier Cascade Alpine Guide vol.1, by Fred Beckey
Relevant Maps USGS: Mowich Lake
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