This is the first class in the Canyoneering course.

Activity Notes

First:  Please DO NOT go out and buy any gear before the first class. (exception being a helmet)

You will need to wear a helmet, starting at the first class so please bring yours if you already have one, or try to borrow one as we will not provide them as part of class.  A standard modern climbing helmet is what you need. ( it has to be less than 10 years old so this might be an excuse to update yours)

The class will provide canyon ropes to be used during the class so you do not need to buy or bring one.

If you already own a canyon descender (like a Critr or something similar) please bring it to the first class.  If you ordered one, or need to buy one, we will have some for sale.  The gear package is $75 and includes the Critr, quicklinks, webbing etc.  You can pay by Venmo.

You will need a wetsuit but please don't go out and buy one yet!  We will let you know what type will work for this class and which types won't.  You wont need it until your first outing which happens later in the class.

Please wear closed-toe shoes to the first class ( no sandals, no rock shoes needed) as you will be climbing the rock walls. Also don't wear your nicest clothing.  You will be wearing your harness and you may get dirty.

Hair longer than shoulder length needs to be tied back to reduce the risk of getting it caught in your belay device.  (yup, that can happen)

Please look over the gear list and bring the items on the list to he first class as we will be rappelling on the mock-rock walls.  There will not be a formal dinner break so please bring snacks or dinner that you can eat while working on skills.  There is a water bottle filling station in the lobby at the MMC (the Mazama Mountaineering Center, on SE 43rd and SE Stark streets)  Please enter the building from the back door, which is off the parking lot, behind the building.

The gear list for the rappel introduction session is on this page - just page down to it.

Please email the leaders,  if you have specific questions about what you bring to just this first class.   Otherwise we will go over gear for the class, at lecture one. (May 30th)

Finally, if you have time, will you please add a picture of yourself to your Mazama profile because it helps the leaders learn your names.  

The canyoneering committee is very excited to meet all of you, see you on May 23rd!

If you bought a book, they will be handed out at the rappel introduction class