This is an B level Mazama Hike that occurs in a non-wilderness area. B level hikes are moderate or more challenging hikes with either less than 15 miles in distance with between 1,500 and 3,000 feet elevation gain or between 8 and 15 miles in distance with less than 1,500 feet of elevation gain.

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Activity Notes

~14 miles, ~3500' eg. We'll head up the Larch Mountain trail from Multnomah Falls before veering off for a festive side trip and heading to Devil's Rest via Multnomah Basin Road.  From Devil's Rest, we'll explore one of the Red Shorts trails down to Angel's Rest and then return via Wahkeena. 

Bring your spikes just in case. 2 mph pace with stops for snacks and photo ops.

Update: due to a slide on the Larch Mountain trail, this hike may reroute to the elevator shaft or become a shorter figure 8 loop. 

Other Information
General Route Info Will vary based on route chosen. Check the Activity & Leader Notes.