Activity Notes

Well gang, I'm gonna guess very few of you have ever tent-camped in the snow before.  Snow camping is an absolute vital skill for mountaineering as mountains often require you to spend the night out in the snow.  This can be a wholly miserable experience for those who are unprepared, but the goal of this will be to prepare you properly so you stay nice and toasty warm all night long.  We will show you how to prep your tent and gear for a night in the snow behind the Mazamas Lodge.  Snow camping isn't a requirement so if you wish to forgo that and sleep inside the lodge that is okay.  However, we do strongly encourage all of you to give it a shot.  Worst case, you head into the nice warm lodge and sleep inside.  

Bring 2 sleeping pads (1 foam, 1 inflatable) and a Nalgene bottle to store boiling water.  This is the secret to camping in the snow.  Your 3 season tent will be sufficient as well please don't go out and buy a 4 season tent unless you really want to.  Please bring adult beverages.