Activity Notes

This is going to be (another) very exciting and action-packed evening!  This MMC Skills session will be rock focused.  Please try to be well rested and hydrated if possible.  

Let's all bring a sharable snack (this is optional and there is no pressure to bring something if you don't feel like doing it).  Link to BCEP Team 22 Potluck

The MMC will provide plates.  

Primary skills:

Belaying, Rappelling, Climbing, proving a belay from below, belay off the harness, Movement on rock, Tying into a rope, Commands used in climbing


Gear notes:

Please bring your pack with some weight in it.  We will be rappelling with a pack on to see how that changes our center of gravity.

Hat and jacket are listed on the gear list because the MMC can be cold sometimes.  Use your own judgement about what to wear.  Dress in layers, with clothing that allows for full movement and that you don't mind getting a little dirty. (we will be climbing the rock walls)  

Bring your prussiks.  Practice double fisherman knot tying!  

Please bring a hair-tie if your hair is longer than shoulder length (getting hair caught in your belay device is not fun)

It is smart to wear a helmet whenever rock climbing.  No exceptions.

Footwear:  Please wear sneakers, boots or approach shoes.  Is OK to bring both if you want to try each.

You must have closed-toe shoes. Not sandals/no flipflops.

Bring a water bottle for yourself since it can be hot in the MMC.

This is one of our more intense and fun activities!  You will get the most out of it if you have pre-read:

Rock Skills at the MMC material in BaseCamp and watched the videos:

  • Rope Care and Knots
  • Belaying
  • Rappelling
  • Alpine Rock Skills

If you have a copy of FoTH (do those readings).<br> It would also be useful to review Graduation requirements: Pass Final Assessments

We know some people may feel apprehensive about their first-time trying rock climbing and we know that.  It's OK to be nervous.  Our focus is your safety and making it a good learning experience.  Please ask questions.

Please add photos from the MMC session here:

Please let Lisa and Duncan know if you have any questions about this activity.

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