Overnight stay at Mazama Lodge

Activity Notes


Snow camping is my favorite!  And an absolute necessity when climbing mountains since most mountains require more than one day to safely climb them.  Sometimes multiple days.  Most people have never tent-camped in snow before, so this is the safest way to practice this since we will snow camp as a team just outside of the Mazamas Lodge.  So if there are any cold issues during the night, simply walk 100ft to the nice warm lodge and sleep in there instead.

THE SNOW CAMPING IS COMPLETELY OPTIONAL.  You are not required to snow camp in order to graduate BCEP.  But, I highly recommend trying it, especially if you've never done it before.  If you do stay in the nice warm lodge, bring earplugs because I promise you it will be noisy AF all night long from people snoring and farting.

Our assistants have a lot of experience with this, and a LOT of additional gear.  Please coordinate with your assistants first prior to renting/buying gear.  The basics for snow camping are a tent (yes, a 3-season tent is fine you don't need to spring for a 4-season tent), a sleeping bag preferably rated to at least 0 degrees, and two sleeping pads (2 foam pads, 1 inflatable 1 foam, or an inflatable sleeping pad with a high R-value rating).  We will boil water in a Nalgene bottle to also keep you warm.  

The lodge has shower facilities so it is perfect for after a wet day of snow activities.  Dinner will be provided as well.

We are all adults, so adult beverages are encouraged, but please be advised we are staying at the lodge with a substance free team, so please keep the alcohol to ourselves in a separate area away from the substance free team.  

Other Information
Driving Distance from Portland 60 miles
Driving Time from Portland 1 hours