Activity Notes

The LD Outdoor Leadership Program is a year-long leadership skills development program for those in the Mazamas climbing leadership community that uses Alex Kossef's Outdoor Leadership book as a framework. Copies of the book will be available for checkout. Each session corresponds to a chapter, and content and activities are developed around these. 


  • Book study group +: Think about the program like a book study group +. At a minimum, it will be a way to read through the book together and discuss in small and large groups with others in climb leadership. Occasionally we may have guest speakers.
  • The book has 17 chapters and we are using these as a framework for the class, over 17 sessions.
  • Read one chapter per class. There will generally be two classes per month except during the spring and summer months and December, all of which will have one class per month.


  • Journal reflection questions: We will give you two questions to reflect on in preparation for each class. This is optional as we won’t be checking and you won’t be turning anything in, just writing, drawing, or whatever you might do to help you reflect on and remember your thoughts. Your participation will help with preparing for each class in discussing topics, developing your self reflection skills, and improving your own understanding of yourself. Expected time: 5-30 min, depending on your interest/time.
  • Videos/podcasts: we will try to provide a link to a relevant video or podcast before each class. Expected time: varies.
  • Surveys/exercises: we may send out surveys to gather statistical data or learn how we can better support you as leaders. We’ll share what data will be aggregated and shared. It is also one of the ways we’ll develop group awareness together. Periodically we will direct you to exercises to complete on the internet that are related to the session content.


  • The fee can be waived: No one who is committed and wants to engage in the class, and based on priority of acceptance, will be turned away.
  • Why did we add a fee? We added the fee in order to cover part of the course costs.  There are costs inherent in any course that we provide and we are trying to be responsible.
  • To get the fee waived: If you either don't want to pay or cannot afford the $25 fee for this, please apply, and in the questionnaire that you will get upon application, just answer "yes" to the last question about the cost prohibiting you from taking the course.
  • Another way to support the program: Donations to the Mazamas allow tax deductions, which might be a better way for some to help defray costs. Please make a note on the donation that it is to support the LD Outdoor Leadership Program.

Attendance and Engagement:

  • This is a long course with many sessions.  We recognize that many won’t be able to make every single course.  We’re looking for people to attend at least 10 of the classes, so that there is some continuity in the discussions and we can build community.
  • What we’re looking for is engagement—if the course isn’t working for you, let us know why not, so that we can improve it so that it will work for you.


  • Initially, we will be launching the program over Zoom. We will meet together to discuss the chapter and key concepts, then split into virtual breakout rooms for small group discussion, then return to the main group to share before closing.

Prioritization of acceptance:

  1. Current LD candidates
  2. Provisional leaders
  3. Climb leaders

At this time (6/5), all LD candidates, provisional leaders, and climb leaders will be accepted until registration closes.

If you are a climb leader or provisional leader and are not accepted or are unable to commit to the time requirement but want to assist with the program in any way or with mentoring, please reach out to us. 

More class info is available here.

We hope that you will join us!

Session Dates

Program class dates are on Monday or Wednesday evenings, 6:30-9:00 pm, unless otherwise noted.

1    Foundations    06/17/2020 (Wednesday)

2    Skill Development & Mentoring    07/15/2020 (Wednesday)

3    Awareness    08/05/2020 (Wednesday)

4    Decision-Making    09/16/2020 (Wednesday)

5    Leadership Styles    09/30/2020 (Wednesday)

6    Teaching & Facilitation    10/07/2020 (Wednesday)

7    Field Safety    10/19/2020 (Monday)

8    Crisis    11/02/2020 (Monday)

9    Leading Youth    11/16/2020 (Monday)

10    Participants    12/07/2020 (Monday)

11    Expedition Behavior    01/11/2021 (Monday)

12    Group Behavior & Development    01/25/2021 (Monday)

13    Communication    02/08/2021 (Monday)

14    Trip Planning    02/22/2021 (Monday)

15    Organizational Risk Management    03/29/2021 (Monday)

16    Environmental Stewardship    04/21/2021 (Wednesday)

17    Vision, Action & Fun!    05/19/2021 (Wednesday)


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