AR Committee Members

Tom Baughman

Co-owner of a structural engineering firm

Father of two, native Oregonian

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Patrick Beeson

Hi! I'm Patrick. And I love climbing rock.

I became a Mazama shortly after moving to Portland from North Carolina in 2015 when I climbed ...

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Angie Brown

AR Committee member just wanting to meet more folx and climb more mountains.

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Terry Campbell

I live in North Portland with my wife Alissa and our dog Oso. I moved to Portland in 1999 and I work for a sustainable ...

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George Cummings

I was born and educated in Canada and emigrated to the U.S. in 1959 after graduating from UBC with a degree in philosophy. I live ...

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Anna Lio

I love climbing, mountaineering and I love the energy and warmth of the climbing community even more. Originally from Italy I have been living in ...

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John Meckel

I've been climbing since 1996 and for the past 20 years I've helped out teaching BCEP, ICS, and AR.

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Maureen O'Hagan

I got involved with the Mazamas in 2016 and am thoroughly enjoying the adventures and the community! I started with BCEP, then completed AR in ...

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Kate Scanlan

Former Chicagoan and lover of all things rock climbing and snacking. My favorite climbing is long multipitch routes, thin hand cracks, run out slab, and ...

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Suresh Singh

Been climbing with the Mazamas for several years. Completed BCEP (2011), ICS (2012), AR (2017).

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Tom Ulrich

Got into Alpine climbing with the Mazamas in 2014, the rest is history!

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John Wilson

AR Grad - 2018, Crevasse Rescue - 2013, BCEP - 2011

I will be posting a resume, however, until that is completed the following ...

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