In the spirit of Fred Beckey who inspired many climbers in the Pacific Northwest and beyond, this grant is intended for Mazamas members of all skill levels to get out and set climbing goals that will push their limits and grow as climbers. If you are ready to explore new areas, test your skills and advance to the next stage of your climbing career, then dream big and push your limits. Mazamas climb leaders are encouraged to use a Fred Beckey Grant to explore new areas and experiences and then share that experience with the Mazamas community by offering climbs or outings to promote that experience with others at a later date.

The most likely scenario for this grant is that a Mazama climb leaders goes on an expedition with friends and receives the grant to help pay the way on that expedition and then within the next year or so would put together a Mazama Outing to the same area to lead a climb with people who sign up for the Outing. This is not the only scenario, so be creative. The grant recipient must be qualified to lead the activity that they choose. For example if the intent is to receive a grant to climb in a specific area of the world and they lead a Mazama Outing on a climb in that area the next year you would need to be a climb leader.

Our goal is to expand the climbing that Mazamas do and help with the dissemination of knowledge gained. We look for a history of participation and service to the Mazamas, as well as the climbing community in general, so individuals bring back skills to share as climb leaders and organizers of Mazama programs.

Evluation Criteria

In considering whether to grant endorsement, sponsorship or expedition funding, the Expedition Committee may consider the following criteria where applicable:

  • Required: Mazama Membership
  • The number and percentage of Mazama members, as well as their history of participation and service within the Mazamas and the general climbing community.
  • The ability of the proposed expedition to provide a meaningful and challenging experience to its members.
  • The significance of the expedition within the Mazamas and the mountaineering community.
  • The experience of the members of the proposed expedition.
  • Is the expedition performing any acts of goodwill or conducting scientific research?
  • The uniqueness of the expedition. Has the proposed expedition been previously attempted? How often and with what success?
  • The location, accessibility, season, weather and difficulty of the route and the style of ascent.
  • The financial needs of the expedition.
  • Is the expedition receiving any financial assistance from outside sources?
  • How prepared is the group? Is their planning and research adequate?

Application Process


Application date: TBD (likely Fall 2019)

Only online applications are accepted.

The Expedition Committee reviews all applications.

Executive Council has the final approval over grant applications.

Candidates will be notified of their grant status up to several months after the application deadline.

Successful candidates will be required to sign a liability release and a funding agreement.