Join the Mazama Research Committee for a series of presentations from the past recipients of a Mazama research grant. 

SPEAKER: Prof. David Wallin, Western Washington Univ. (Learn more about David here!)

TITLE: Mountain Goat Conservation and Restoration in Washington

ABSTRACT: Mountain goat populations in the Cascades have declined from about 10,000 in the late 1950s-60s to about 3,000 today. Most of this decline is thought to be the result of overhunting from the 1960’s through the late 1980s. Hunting pressure since the early 1990s has been minimal but populations in most of the Cascades have not recovered. I will discuss research that I’ve done with my students over the past 15 years and restoration efforts that have been underway in collaboration with WDFW, USFW, the National Parks and the tribes. This will include a discussion of efforts over the past three years to translocate mountain goats from the Olympics to the Cascades.

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