Next up in the Mazamas Virtual Series: Learn, Gather, Experience is an overview of the basic climbing knots. Leaders from our Basic Climbing Education Program, Karen Graves and Ardel Frick, will be demonstrating the following knots/hitches: overhand, figure eight on a bight, rewoven figure eight, alpine butterfly, double fisherman's, girth hitch, clove hitch, and prusik hitch. Karen and Ardel will also offer explanations for how each of these knots are used in the field when climbing.

We recommend practicing at least some of these knots prior to the webinar, so that we can hit the ground running during our time together. You can find demonstrations here

Attendees are encouraged to practice along during the demo portions! If you have access to at least 6 feet of (climbing) rope, as well as waist and leg prusik cords/6mm accessory cord, those materials would be helpful.

This webinar will be available on Facebook Live and on Zoom.


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