The Crevasse Rescue with Snow Anchors Mini Course is designed to introduce climbers to knowledge and skills that would allow them to participate in and lead a basic crevasse rescue scenario. The course will take place both virtually, with two lectures and outdoors for field sessions. At the end of the mini course climbers will have the basic knowledge and skills to assess a crevasse rescue situation, set an anchor in the snow, rig a haul system, and extract a fallen climber from a crevasse. 

This mini course is taught by the Mazamas Intermediate Climbing School

This course does not cover protection systems in ice. 

As with all current Mazama activities, this course will follow the COVID protocols set by the Mazamas to ensure the safety of participants. 


  • Suggested prior knowledge: knots, roping up for glacier travel,
  • Prerequisite: have practiced self-arrest

Gear List:

  • 10 essentials
  • Ice axe 
  • Crampons 
  • Crampon compatible boots
  • Helmet 
  • Harness
  • Personal protection 
  • Prusik loops (waist and foot)
  • Carabiners (4 locking/3 non-locking)
  • Double length runners (2)
  • Anchor Building material ( example: 22ft. 6mm cord tied together w/ a double fisherman/webbing)
  • Weather appropriate clothing
  • Pulley (optional)