Course Info

Adult CPR & AED through The American Heart Association (AHA). The course is a blend of on-line course work, and then practice/skills test CPR class at the Mazamas Mountaineering Center (MMC).

Under this system, students complete the videos at their own pace at home. Upon completion, students print a completion certificate and bring it with them to the skills practice and test session at the MMC. Students will then receive their cards (valid for 2-years) in the mail. Registrants who do not bring the certificate into class will not be able to participate or receive their AHA card.

Certification will also be recorded on an individual's profile on the Mazama website with a CPR badge.


Guidance when taking a CPR Class outside of the Mazamas: Needs to have a Back Country focus

As we restart our in-person First Aid training programs, we probably won’t have enough CPR classes 2021–22 with the forecasted backlog of Mazamas leaders needing CPR training.  If an external CPR course is taken to meet a Mazamas CPR badge requirement, the scope of education should be from a nationally-certified, training provider and have a back-country focus to include at a minimum:

  1. Ventilation: must include rescue breaths
  2. Airway obstruction clearing of foreign bodies
  3. Adult/Child in scope.  Pediatric is optional
  4. Both In-person and virtual formats are acceptable