The Used Equipment Sale (UES) is an annual event that offers sellers an opportunity to let go of their older gear and for buyers to pick up field-tested gear at good prices.

Gear is dependent on what sellers bring to the event, but we typically see a mix of nordic and telemark ski gear, snowshoes, all kinds of outdoor clothing, assorted (and we do mean assorted!) camping and backpacking gear, shoes and boots, books and technical climbing gear. 

This is a great chance to clean out your gear room of unneeded stuff, make a buck, help out the Mazamas and find some great deals yourself. The Mazamas accepts cash, checks, or Visa/Mastercard/Discover (no American Express).

Information for Sellers

  1. All items offered for sale should be associated with the types of outdoor activities that Mazamas offer which include: mountaineering, climbing, hiking, backpacking, cross-country skiing and snow-shoeing. Please review our full list of accepted/not accepted items.
  2. Dropoff is on a specific date and time at the Mazama Mountaineering Center (527 SE 43rd Avenue.) No items to be sold will be accepted outside of this dropoff time or on the day of the sale.
  3. Decide, in advance, what price you wish to charge for each item. Low prices generally result in successful sales. You determine the price, but Mazama staff can, during Check-In, advise you.
  4. Prepare a separate tag for each item to be sold. Obtain, from Mazamas—you can do this in advance—only as many tags as you can use. Fill out the tags completely with your name (required if you are to receive credit for the sale), item, description, price and size (if applicable). Affix the tags to the items.
  5. Obtain, from Mazamas, a Tally Sheet. Complete the information at the top of the Sheet, then list all items separately and by tag number. Include all information requested (name, accurate address, tag numbers, item description, sales price). Note whether you wish to have unsold items donated to charity. Leave the Tally Sheet with Mazama sales personnel during Check-In. [Tally Sheet in Excel] [Tally Sheet PDF]
  6. It is the sole responsibility of the Seller to determine whether they need to come in to pick up unsold items. Items not picked up during the stated pick up time will become the property of the Mazamas and will be donated to charity. [Pick Up List in Google Sheets]

Terms of Consignment Sale

  • All items should be in good working order, be clean and usable. They are, however, sold “as is,” and the purchaser assumes all risks of use; there are no implied or expressed warranties from Mazamas associated with the performance of sold items. The Mazamas reserves the right to refuse any equipment deemed unacceptable and further to withdraw equipment later found unacceptable
  • It is the responsibility of the seller to pick-up any unsold items; failure to do so will result in the items being donated to charity.
  • The Mazamas retain 30% of the sale price of each item sold.
  • Sellers receive 70% of the price of each item sold but must have a minimum of $7 in total sales to receive a minimum payment of $5 from Mazamas. If the total value of items actually sold is less than $7 then all items and/or sale proceeds will be considered gifts to Mazamas.
  • Mazamas will not pay for any unsold items which are not able to be located.
  • Payment for items sold will be by check only, and will be mailed to the Seller approximately three (3) weeks after the sale. Checks cannot be picked up at the Mazama Mountaineering Center.
  • Seller has the opportunity to donate their proceeds to the Mazamas (a 501c3 nonprofit organization) if desired. There is a box to check on the tally sheet to indicate this preference.

Due to the increasing cases of COVID at this time we are deferring UES to the winter/spring 2022. Please hold on to your gear! We will hold the sale as soon as the trend of COVID improves.