In honor of the Mazamas 125th Anniversary, we are publishing:

We Climb High Vol.2: A chronology of the Mazamas 1965–2016

We are looking for roughly two dozen people to help us crowdsource the writing for volume two. Our goal is to match volume 1 in style, content, and layout. To achieve that we will provide each co-author with guidelines for what to look for and include in the written summary. We are asking each volunteer to summarize two years between 1965 and 2016. As a contributor, you will be responsible for reading the bulletins and annual for each year and writing up an 800-1000 word summary for each year.  The deadline for submission is the end of April 2019. Our goal is to publish volume two in July of 2019 in time for the Mazamas 125th Anniversary. Each contributor will get a co-author credit and by-line credit for each summary they write. Early volunteers will have the opportunity to choose the years they want to summarize!

We will publish a limited number of physical copies. First, these will go to the volume's co-authors, Mazama leaders, and the Mazama Library and Historical Collections. The rest will available for sale and once they are gone, that's it. This is a great way to help chronical the history of the Mazamas, have your contribution recognized for years to come, and get a free copy of WCH v.2! We hope you will sign on and help us make this a reality. If you would like to take part in this unique Mazama volunteer opportunity please sign up here:

Volunteer Signup


We Climb High: A chronology of the Mazamas 1894-1964

We Climb High: A chronology of the Mazamas 1894-1964, By John D. Scott

In 1965, to mark the organizations 75th Anniversary, the Mazamas published John Scott’s We Climb High: A chronology of the Mazamas 1894-1964. Scott spent over a year, on his own time, reading, writing, and editing the 100-page work. His “thumbnail chronology” documents the early outings, climbing accomplishments, ups and downs, and the cultural and social changes within the Mazamas. In the years since it has become an invaluable resource for anyone wishing to learn the history, events, and challenges of the Mazamas first 70 years.

You can read We Climb High in its entirety on our page here: