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Bike on the summit of Mt. Hood
Steeped in History

On June 12, 1894, an advertisement in the morning edition of the Oregonian invited “Climbers and Lovers of Nature...” to assemble on the summit of Mt. Hood. 300 people answered the call, 193 of them summited, and 105 of those formed the Mazamas.

Trail Work Sharon in Yosemite
Community & Stewardship

Since our origins in 1894, the Mazamas have had a long, successful record of conservation and preservation. Today, we strive to increase the organization’s visibility and influence within the community and beyond, to ensure the protection of our precious natural areas.


Earn Mazama Badges

Mazama badges are a fun way to keep a record of your achievements, share your progress with friends, and set personal goals for your growth and engagement. We also use badges to determine your eligibility for certain classes, activities, and opportunities. If you have taken a class or completed a climbing activity with the Mazamas in the last five years, you can look forward to new badges showing up on your profile automatically within the next few months.

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Join the Mazamas and tie in to a centennial legacy in mountaineering. Learn new skills and participate in exciting adventures, all while advancing the causes of conservation & community in the great Pacific Northwest


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