Mazama Lodge Closed Temporarily

For much of 2023, the Mazama Lodge will be closed as we assess and address repair and maintenance needs and hire a manager.

Our classes, Basic Climbing Education Program (BCEP) Intermediate Climbing School (ICS), Family Mountaineering (FM101) and First Aid, will continue to use the lodge as they always have for their activities. As we are able to train lodge hosts (See Jan./Feb. Bulletin), the goal is to open the lodge for members at least one weekend a month. Please be mindful that enough members need to be trained and be willing to volunteer for this to happen. 

For the foreseeable future, the lodge will remain closed to the general public and for special events like weddings. We will update this page once the situation changes, and we are able to resume reservations.

Mailing Address

Mazama Lodge
c/o Mazama Mountaineering Center
527 SE 43rd Ave.
Portland, OR 97215

Day Use Hours of Operation

Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday CLOSED
Saturday CLOSED




The Mazama Lodge is nestled in the woods at the base of Mt. Hood at 4,200 feet. This beautiful cabin in the woods is the Mazamas home on the mountain. We operate many classes and special events at our mountain location.

The Mazama Lodge is bunk-style and can sleep upwards of 75–80 people in a combination of large and small bunk rooms. Oregon's mask mandate ended on March 11, and consistent with this change, masks will no longer be required at the Lodge. While the policy requiring masks while indoors has been lifted, anyone is welcome to continuing wearing masks if they prefer. We ask that individuals respect individual mask preferences.

Please review the Lodge Guidelines before booking your stay.

Who Can Stay?

Mazama members, guests of Mazama members, nonprofit groups, and members of affiliated outdoor organizations. 

Members of Regional Mountaineering Clubs may stay and purchase meals at Mazama member rates. You must have proof of membership. Includes: Adirondack Mountain Club, American Alpine Club, Colorado Mountain Club, and the Mountaineers.

Members of Regional Mountain Rescue Associations may stay at the Lodge for a reduced rate of $25 per person per night lodging. You must have proof of membership. Includes: Portland Mountain Rescue (PMR), Crag Rats, Pacific NW Search and Rescue.

Members of the Federation of Western Outdoors Clubs—FWOC may stay at the Lodge for a reduced rate of $30 per person per night lodging. See list.

(We operate under a Special Use Agreement with the US Forest Service and are not open to the general public).

Note: Mazama Members may also stay at lodges owned by other members of the FWOC, including the Mountaineers, Trails Clubs, Sierra Club, California Alpine Club, and the Chemeketans.

Mazama Lodge Details

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Lodge Hours

Sunday 8 a.m.– 6 p.m.
Monday 8 a.m.– 6 p.m.
Tuesday CLOSED
Wednesday CLOSED
Thursday 8 a.m.–6 p.m.
Friday 6 a.m.–6 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m.–6 p.m.


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Lodging Rates

Members: $25/night

Affiliates: $30/night

Non-members: $35/night (must be accompanied by a member)

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Breakfast & Lunch: $12

Dinner: $15

Meals must be ordered in advance of your stay.

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Day Use Fees

Non-member: $15 or $25 per family
Mazama members do NOT pay day use fees.

Day Use Includes use of lounge level and fireplace when available, recreation facilities, restrooms, ski hill, video room when available, drying room, laundry, and guest refrigerator.

Mazama Extended Day Use: $10
Includes short-term use of bunks during daylight hours and/or showers

Unless specified, day use is not included in tuition for nonmembers in Mazama classes. 

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Other Miscellaneous Amenities

Towel Rental: $1
Overnight Locker Rental: $2 plus $5 key deposit
Annual Locker rental: $25 plus $5 key deposit

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Commercial & For Profit Users

Commercial users and for-profit corporations please add 7% surcharge to your total projected bill (lodging, meals, and any other incidentals such as towel service.)

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Renting Mazama Lodge for YOUR event

Want to have an unforgettable wedding, anniversary, company retreat, birthday party or a good ol’ time in the mountains with a group of friends?  Consider renting the Mazama Lodge for your group’s exclusive use.

Mazama Lodge is the perfect place for:  

School Retreats
Church Retreats
Training Sessions
Running Camps
Ski Camps
Birthday Parties
Business Retreats
Classes of all types
Yoga Classes
Climbing Classes
First Aid Classes
Company Picnics

Mazama Lodge Directions

The Lodge has two parking areas, one for winter and one for summer. In summer, when there is no snow, you can park right next to Mazama Lodge. In the winter you will need to park at the SnoPark on the south side of Hwy 26 and walk to the Lodge (about 10 minutes).

Winter Directions

From Portland, follow Hwy 26 east to Government Camp. Just before the turnoff up to Timberline Lodge (left) at the height of the pass, turn off right into the Snopark next to the ODOT maintenance station on the south side of Hwy 26. There is a small loading zone at the base of the footpath up to Mazamas Lodge (see map below).  You can use this area for short term loading/unloading of your stuff, but then please move your vehicle down to the Snopark area off Hwy 26. Only the lodge managers are permitted to park here.

Do not leave any valuables or other goodies (skis included) in your car overnight. Bring everything with you up to the lodge. Skis and other snow toys can be left in the Lodge basement.

Drivers should be fully prepared for winter driving conditions, including tire chains/traction devices and a shovel.  Please check the weather report and the Mt. Hood webcams (the webcam is right in the Snopark for Mazamas Lodge) before you go.

Winter Parking & Permits

Do NOT park at the far east or west ends of the Snopark lot where you might block snowplows or ODOT vehicles – you will be towed!  No fun!  Please park as close as possible to the south edge of the lot (right by the snow mound, away from the highway) so as to make room for the snowplows.  Drivers will need a Snopark permit to park.  Be sure to have one with you – the fines are steep if you don’t!  You can purchase Snopark passes in Sandy or at almost all Portland outdoor stores.  Snopark permits may also be required for parking for our activities on Saturday or Sunday. 

From the Snopark on the south side of Hwy 26, you’ll need to walk about 200 yards to get to the Lodge (a five minute walk).  Cross Hwy 26 (carefully!) and head up the small road opposite (not the road to Timberline).  You’ll see two houses on your right;  across from the second house is a small pullout on the left (the loading zone mentioned above) with a sign for the Mazama Lodge.  An obvious trail goes uphill through the trees from here with one big switchback to reach the Lodge (see the map above).

Summer Directions

Drive 26 east to Government Camp. At the summit at the east end of Government Camp, turn left up toward Timberline Lodge. After about 200 yards, take a sharp left.  Proceed about a 1/4 mile more, and take a right. This is West Leg Road. Go up West Leg Road about 300 yards, and take the first right to the Lodge.

Google Map Directions