The Mazama Board of Directors is the governing body for the organization, and consists of nine member-elected directors and up to four additional board-elected directors. Board members serve three-year terms that coincide with the fiscal year (January 1 – December 31).

The Board of Directors has, among other duties, three primary obligations:

  • To efficiently govern and manage the organization’s activities to responsibly meet our mission.
  • To maintain the highest standards of fiscal integrity and accountability.
  • To ensure stewardship of funds which are granted to outside organizations and individuals.

Interested in the Board of Directors?

If you are interested in serving on the Mazama Board of Directors, contact Rebekah Phillips, executive director, for information.

Greg Scott, President

Greg Scott

Term: Oct. 2021–Dec. 2024

Growing up I spent a lot of my time outdoors, camping and fishing with my father, and backpacking with the Boy Scouts.  I moved to Portland in 1999, and took BCEP in 2002.  I became a Mazama member shortly thereafter.  I remember the sense of accomplishment as I built my climbing resume that first summer after BCEP. I continued nurturing my climbing career enrolling for every class the Mazamas had to offer, while exploring my newfound community.  I obtained my Mazamas PhD (ICS, AR, ASI) and became a climb leader in 2008.  It wasn’t just the climbing that kept me engaged, but the people I met.  I want to be a part of taking the Mazamas into the future while preserving its rich history.  To me this means building an inclusive organization, adapting our education programs to current best practices, continuing our advocacy for the environment, building a non-judgmental risk management culture, and inspiring new members young and old to preserve and love the mountains.

Professionally, I am a paralegal at a Portland-based commercial litigation firm, Markowitz Herbold, PC. Over my 24-year career, I took on leadership roles, whether it was managing large groups of attorneys and paralegals in high-stakes cases, or mentoring younger professionals.

I live in SE Portland with my wife Bonnie, my ten year old daughter, Alison, and our dog Otter.

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David Urbaniak, Vice President

Term: Oct. 2021–Dec. 2024

David Urbaniak

My experience with the Mazamas has enabled more than I ever thought possible in the outdoors, whether that is climbing the north ridge of Mt Baker, skiing the southwest chutes of Mt Adams, trail running Timberline trail, or rappelling down a 200 foot waterfall. Through my volunteer work with the Mazamas I hope to pay my experiences forward, and support others who may have similar outdoor adventure dreams, and have yet to actualize them.

When I am not in the outdoors, I might be working, I have fifteen plus years successfully building digital health products and companies, with a background in strategy, product development, and product management. Most recently, I've held leadership roles at Evidation, and Cambia Health. My educational background includes an MBA in consultative practice, and strategy, and a certificate in non-profit board management.

I bring to the board leadership experience with a bias towards action. Leadership values important to me include: collaboration, accountability, resiliency, curiosity, hope, and a drive towards continuous improvement.

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Claire Tenscher

Term: Oct. 2022—Dec. 2025

Claire Tenscher

I am a backpacker, hiker, swimmer, and skier. I spend most of my time engaging with the Mazamas through volunteer work but I also participate in Rambles when I get the chance and the occasional hike. I’ve been in the Publications Committee since I joined (maybe you’ve read one of my articles!) and was on the Nominating Committee up until I decided to run for this position. It has always been important to me that I give organizations as much as they give me: a sort of non-profit leave no trace. I’ve served on committees for corporations, non-profits, and city groups. My work requires me to interact with a variety of leaders and get them aligned to one goal, often navigating complex conflicting priorities. I also have experience with financial statements and budgets, running events, and managing staff.

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Liz Crowe, Treasurer

Term: Oct. 2022–Dec. 2025

Liz Crowe

Liz is a financial leader with over 14 years of technical experience in accounting, tax, and finance.

In her current professional role as CFO of Agriculture Capital, a regenerative agriculture investment firm, she oversees all aspects of financial reporting, budgeting and financial planning, financial statement assurance, and tax preparation.

Liz holds an MBA from Northeastern Illinois University and completed her undergraduate studies at Purdue University’s Krannert School of Management. Liz is a Certified Public Accountant and is recognized as a member of the first cohort to earn the Fundamentals of Sustainability Accounting Credential from the IFRS Foundation.

With a passion for the outdoors, Liz joined the Mazamas in 2014 and soon after graduated from BCEP with the class of 2015 under the leadership of Bronder/Caldwell. Liz is also an ICS graduate with the class of 2017-18 (aka the Münter Füchers) under the leadership of Brad Unruh. Liz’s education from the Mazamas has served as a catalyst for many rewarding mountain adventures and memories of a lifetime. Acknowledging that it takes an extensive effort by a dedicated community of volunteers to make these programs possible, Liz is excited for the opportunity to pay it forward in her newest role serving as a member of the Executive Council.

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Charles Barker

Charles Barker

Term: Oct. 2021–Dec. 2024

I joined the Mazamas in 1980 after signing up with Mazama Climb Leader Edward Johann. I was completely hooked on both the excitement of climbing mountains and exploring the outdoor.  This led me joining the Mazama Explorer post that was led by Keith Mischke who spent over a decade teaching young adults how to  safely climb, Nordic ski, whitewater rafting, and rock climbing.  During this same time I started volunteering at Mazama Lodge, taking the the old Trailways Bus to Govy spending time on the Mountain and even volunteering to cook over the holidays after former Lodge Manager Bill Head passed away just prior to the lodge's busy holiday rush. My two teenage kids have joined the Mazamas and are 6th generation members.

When I’m not hiking or enjoying the outdoors I’m always cooking up a new business venture.  I currently own Oscars Vegan restaurant in Portland.  I have owned, brokered, and or operated nearly half a dozen food business in the Portland area. 

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Marty Hanson

Marty Hanson

Term: Oct. 2022–Dec. 2025

I got into hiking in 1992 and joined the Mazamas in 1994 by summiting South Sister on the “Hike to the Summit” program. That got me hooked and I got my technical skills through our basic and advanced climbing classes. Over the years, I summited the 16 major NW peaks and enjoyed climbing on other northwest peaks. I was an avid rambler for many years. Snowshoeing was a passion of mine.

I’ve always believed that the Mazamas is a special organization and I have volunteered on committees and in the office to “give back” some of what I’ve received as being part of the organization. With our recent organizational and financial challenges, I hope to help put the Mazamas back on track to maintain our commitment to help the community protect, use, and appreciate the mountains.

Job-wise, I’ve been retired for a while now. I spent most of my career in high tech, mainly as an engineering manager with 25+ years at Tektronix and Planar.

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Chris Jaworski

Term: Jan. 2024–Dec. 2026

Chris Jaworski

I joined the Mazamas in 2015 while organizing a fundraising climb for The Knight Cancer Challenge. At the time, the Mazamas provided our team with volunteer climb leaders who patiently and enthusiastically prepared my team for an ascent of Mt. Hood (Mazama Route of course). It was during the months and weeks leading up to the climb that I experienced the incredible giving nature of the people that make up this fantastic organization.

I’d always kept a close eye on the organization having climbed with Mazamas before becoming a member, patrolling with Mazama members on the Mt. Hood Ski Patrol, and dropping in on Street Rambles. I wanted to be part of an organization that had a clear mission for exploring, educating, and conserving our precious alpine environments.

Throughout my civic and professional life, I’ve built broad networks of public/private coalitions to specifically advance organizational missions. Through my consulting practice I help organizations in hospitality, leisure, sports + recreation strategize and launch sustainability initiatives. I live in SW Portland with my adventurous Jaworski tribe – Vicki, Jack, Koby, and “snow” dog Lucy.

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Matthew Sundling

Term: Jan. 2024–Dec. 2026

Bio coming soon ... 

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Debbie Dwelle

Term: Jan. 2024–Dec. 2026

Bio coming soon ... 

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