This MFA Recert is an online session designed to review all of the highlights from Mountaineering First Aid and ensure you are ready to tackle any first aid issue that might come your way while you are out in the backcountry.

Activity Notes

This course is for climb leader and hike leaders who meet the criteria listed below.

This is a recert course so we go in with the assumption that you are familiar with the material and that the course will be a review and update on your past courses. I want to make this course as interactive and tailored towards this group as possible—it's meant to make you feel comfortable with your first aid skills! So here's what you can expect.

The course will be conducted in a single evening ZOOM session. 

Will utilize ZOOM break-out rooms for small group discussion on actual case studies and emphasis will be placed on climb leader decision making "Stay and Play, Evac, Fast Evac"


  • Check out MFA Refresh options to ensure that you are eligible to use this option for refreshing your MFA badge 
  • Students must have a web enabled camera suitable for interacting in a ZOOM training session
  • Students must make prior arrangements to have a buddy present with them during the ZOOM session to practice/demo Patient Assessment, lifts/rolls/drags, etc
  • Current MFA Badge or high equivalency (WFR, EMT, etc ...)
  • You must complete the online test at least ONE DAY prior to the online course and pass the test with a score of 80% or higher. Exam responses will be analyzed for frequently missed questions and corresponding topic areas. These topics will be reviewed in class.
  • You must complete the student survey at least ONE WEEK prior to the online course.