Activity Notes

Today we will be placing trad gear and connecting it into a masterpoint, then using SERENE methodologies to analyze!

12 students will participate in this session. Groups will be split up, with 3 students per volunteer. 

<br> Meeting location: (Lewis & Clark Recreation Site - Broughton Bluff)

Arrival of students: 8:45am

Leave parking lot / hike to crag: 9am

<br> When you arrive at the parking lot, please find your point person to be directed to your assistant. If you don’t know them, just look for the weird person in a helmet. Be packed up and ready to start hiking by 9am at the latest. 

The prospectus gives you some indication about gear needs. It looks to be nice weather but still bring layers and rainwear just in case. A harness is nice to carry gear, along with anchor building material. Your assistant will likely have extra. You will be using your assistants trad rack, so please come prepared with hand sanitizer and sanitize before and after sharing gear. A mask should be work at all times. 

Of course water and snacks/lunch are good to bring. When you stop to eat, please step away from you group. <br> If you haven't been to Broughton, the trail up to the wall is a little rocky and not super well-maintained. You will be walking uphill for 5-10 minutes, perhaps a quarter mile, 200 feet of vertical elevation gain. Take it at your own pace!