Mazamas: Then & Now

For over 125 years the Mazama have explored the Pacific Northwest. From the river valleys to the mountain peaks, Mazamas have covered a lot of ground, many with camera in hand. The Mazama Library and Historical Collections have thousands of images from all over the West. As part of the Mazamas 125th Anniversary celebration, we are looking to recreate some of these historic images.

Mazama, and photographer, Ralph Daub has already gotten started by recreating a classic view of the Mazama Lodge from 1960 and two images of Smith Rock from the 1958. 


Mazama Lodge 1960-2018

In 1960 Mazama Ed Dolan captured the newly completed Mazama Lodge, fifty-nine years later Mazama Ralph Daub returned and photographed the Lodge in 2019. 

Smith Rock 1

The original photograph, taken by Mazama Frank Meeker in 1958, shows the classic down river view of the Christian Brother, Asterisk Pass, and Smith Summit areas. The lack of scarring on the hillsides below the formations shows that it was long before Smith Rock became popular with hikers and especially climbers.

Mazama Ralph Daub recreated Meeker's photograph almost perfectly in the fall of 2018. 

Smith Rock 2

Dave Hitchcock's photograph of Smith Rock from 1954, showing a wider angle view, paired with Ralph Daub’s image from 2018.

Cloud Cap Inn, 1894 and 2014

The image on the left is from the Mary Watts Collection and shows Cloud Cap Inn as it looked in the late 1890s. One of the soon-to-be-Mazamas parties departed from Cloud Cap Inn on July 19, 1894, for their climb to the summit of Mount Hood. Mazama hike leader Regis captured the Inn as it looked 120 years later in 2014.

Mount Hood

The image of the North Face of Mount Hood also comes from the Mary Watts Collection, ca the late 1890s. In it, a climbing party prepares to depart for the summit. Regis Krug provided the 2009 image of Hood’s north face from his photograph collection.

Multnomah Falls

How you can help

We would like your help. As you spread out to explore, climb, and hike in 2019 consider trying to recreate one of these historic images. We’ll add them to the collection and share them for all to enjoy.

These are just a hand full of the thousands of images in the Mazama Library and Historical Collections. Have a specific place in mind? Email Mathew Brock.  

Happy hunting!